Kai Po Che- A review

If I was to give an unbiased genuine review for Kai Po Che then I would give it a 3.5 on 5. Not more, maybe less. I haven’t read the book “Three Mistakes of my Life” on which is movie is based. I haven’t read it mainly because I do not like Chetan Bhagat‘s style of writing. I have read just one book of his and that is Five Point Someone which left a bad aftertaste for me. Never ventured into reading his books again.

Anyway, I digress. Getting back to Three Mistakes of my life – from what I have heard, the movie is definitely better than the book. Though I cannot guarantee this myself, since I havent read the book.

Coming to the movie, I think what works for the movie is fresh new faces, melodious music by Amit Trivedi (though this is not one of his best) and the fact that cricket plays a very important role in the movie. Indians being cricket crazy will gobble up anything cricket related. All performances in the movie have been admirable with all the lead characters doing full justice to their roles. Sushant the new face who was previously seen in Pavitra Rishta has both the hot body that is drool-worthy and the talent to rise in the industry. The sensitive Godhra riots topic has been delicately portrayed.

The script is slow and you wish it would hurry up a bit. But since the actors have done such a good job, you actually feel sorry for them and empathize with them. The scene where they lose their shop in the earthquake is very moving.

But ultimately, the movie is sad. I came out of the movie hall feel miserable and I hate that. Maybe I get too involved or maybe I expected it to have a happy ending.

But a well made movie, slow, but well made. Go watch.

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