Whatsa Television for?

A customary task for me these days is to switch on the TV, browse through all the channels and turn it off. I do this mainly because we have a television that needs using (and dusting!). Every single day, I get disappointed with all the hogwash that passes off for entertainment on television. There are unending sagas/soap operas, news channels that politicize and dramatize petty and grave issues equally, leaving the viewer confused about everything, music channels which NEVER show music, regional channels which are of no use, spiritual channels which are highly irritating, nature shows that run gruesome hunting/killing from the wild. Is half an hour of entertainment too much to ask?

Sometimes (read 0.0001% of the times) I find (good) cookery shows and comedy shows that provide me with paltry amounts of entertainment. When I have no other choice I make do with that. There must be 200-300 channels out there but not one worth watching!

As I flip through the channels I come across soap operas and I wonder (every day) who in their right mind would watch this trash. And every other day I come across/or hear about someone who does. As if our own lives were lacking in controversies and pain, there are people who want to sit through a terrible show, shedding tears and biting manicured nails, grieving for characters in a story that follows no particular path and has no intention of ending. Ever.

I want to be entertained not bored and depressed. Why can’t people who make the shows bring back the funny? Or do I belong to an extinct group of people who want to watch good shows?

Am I the only one out there?

One thought on “Whatsa Television for?

  1. DaPoet says:

    Rest assured you are not the only one. The inanity of the average television show is the primary reason I spend most of my time reading books on my Kindle and writing. Plus if a tv drama is actually worth watching I’d rather buy in on DVD and watch it on my terms as opposed to the whims of a television stations manager. 🙂


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