On Anne Hathaway

While browsing through zite today, I came across this lovely piece in The New Yorker about Anne Hathaway and why she is hated for everything that she is. The writer, Sasha Weiss, has written in an absolutely delightful way on how Anne doesn’t get the credit that she deserves because she doesn’t fall in one of the following likable categories:

Bruised teen-agers: likeable. Women who seem a little like men, or like they can hang with men: likeable. Post-menopausal women, old enough to be sexually non-threatening: likeable.

What we all hate is usually what we lack ourselves. Anne Hathaway is all that most of us aren’t/can’t be. Pretty, cheerful and still very much the little girl that we all wanna be.

Read the complete article here. It is well written and true. If you like Anne Hathaway or if you like writing/reading do read. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

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