My daughter, don’t go

It has been twenty five years
Since I held you in my arms
My first born
My baby, a tiny girl
And now it is time to let you go.

I have watched you fall and cry
Laugh and learn
I have held you tight on lonesome nights
I have seen my baby grow.
And now I must watch you go.

You are a woman now, I can see
Strong and independent
Smart like I wanted
But to me, still a child. Always a child.
Why must I let you go.

There are so many things
That I still need to teach
To protect you from the bad world
My work is not yet done.
But it is time for you to go.

You might cross the seven seas
Far away from me.
But I will wait like the earth
For A revolution, a year to pass by
So I may hold you again, before I let you go.

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