Catching my thoughts

I wish I had a pensieve like Dumbeldore. It would have been so convenient. I would have stored every precious thought in it. I get so many ideas and brilliant flashes while I go around doing mundane routine tasks. But when I sit idle to write it all down nothing strikes. Even after racking my brain all I get are pieces and fragments which dont seem as inspiring as the original thought I would have got while, say, having bath.
The bathroom is definitely a very inspiring place. So many poems and essays of mine have been conceived while having bath. Some more while travelling. What is unfortunate is that most of the times I would have a pen and paper around. Things are better now thanks to my smartphone. I can catch and jot down little pieces floating in my brain. These can be put together later when I am free.
Catching thoughts is like catching feathers floating in the air. Sometimes even if you catch them the next gust of wind takes them along, high up in the sky, farther and farther. That is why I need a pensive. To store all my thoughts, safe and sound.

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