On Preity Zinta

It started with me assuming that Preity Zinta’s movie “Ishkq in Paris” had released and vanished from the theaters silently. I thought that it must have been very unfortunate for Preity as this is her first movie after a two-year sabbatical from movies. I looked up on the Internet to write an article on “What went wrong with Preity Zinta’s career” only to realize that the movie “Ishkq in Paris” had not been released. Also, since the director of the movie, Prem Raj is seriously ill with cancer the release has been postponed indefinitely. The wiki article on Ishkq in Paris tell me that “Preity says the film would be released only when director Prem Raj, who is seriously ill with cancer, is able to complete all the post-production work”.

I had looked forward to watching that movie. I was disheartened by the fact I had missed it and also because I thought Preity Zinta’s production company (PZNZ) must have incurred heavy losses since I didn’t hear anything about the movie after the initial trailers and songs. Now I am slightly relieved and hope that the director recovers soon, so that we can watch the bubbly actress on the big screen again.

The story sounds similar to the 1995 movie Before Sunrise, though I am sure they must have modified the story to suit Bollywood. The music wasn’t very impressive. And for the movie, we may have to wait for a long time for it to be out.


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