On Jugni

I just read a long but beautifully worded article on the patriarchal society that we live in and on the modern woman “Jugni”.

From time immemorial woman have been suppressed and oppressed in a society that believes the male is in charge. And this idea has been passed over generations. Even though we have as a society abolished a lot of blind beliefs and have moved forward in many ways, we haven’t changed our thinking to understand and accept a woman for what she is. The reason for this could be that men are challenged by the “modern” woman and they do not want to let go off the stronghold that they enjoy at homes, at workplaces, in governments, on the streets. In short, everywhere – the man rules. But today, women and girls have had enough of the bullying and blaming. They want to break free from patriarchal rules and make their own rules. They have every right to do so. Who gave men the right to be in charge anyway?

After centuries of adjusting, accommodating and compromising women are now questioning the rules. Why should women stay home at night? She has every right to roam the streets as any man. Why does no one tell the son to stay home at night, to allow girls to be safe? Instead the girl’s freedom is curbed. Always.

Every parent should teach their kids that men and women are equals. If the men are stronger physically, then the women are stronger emotionally. If men can drive, so can women. Whether it is about technology or finance or management or leadership, women have proven to be as good as and better than men. Why then should be scared every time she has to step out into the streets, night or day?

All this and more is expressed in a much much better way by Shuddhabrata Sengupta.

An excerpt from the article:

Jugni is the woman who Honey Singh can’t yo-yo. Jugni is the woman who will slap Asaram Bapu and laugh at Mohan Bhagwat. Jugni is the woman who will demand the resignation of the police commissioner and tweet from her detention inside a police station. Jugni is the woman who can take tear gas and climb a lamp post and jump a barricade. Jugni is the woman who can dent Abhijit Mukherjee and paint the town red. Jugni doesn’t need Mamata or Sushma or Sonia or Sheila to weep for her and she doesn’t weep for them. Jugni is angry and Jugni is alive. 

If you have the time do read the article here. If you do not have time, do make some time because the article has so wonderfully put into words what we all know and feel.

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