What the heat?

Is it summer yet? It isn’t supposed to be. Why is it so hot then? Why do i feel like I am standing inside a burning cauldron?

When I walk outside, I pause every hundred metres or so and pant like the street dog next to me. Then both of us(the dog and I) look at each other, embarassed and then walk away. The dog a little more embarrassed than I am.

Remember that TV commercial for a glucose product which showed a visual of the Sun having a straw in a little boys head and dehydrating him? I feel exactly like that little boy and I don’t have the glucose product to save the Sun from emptying my brains.

So do I want rains? No.

I just want it a tad bit cooler so that everytime i reach my destination I dont look like I have come after a hard days work in a mine. I prespire a lot nd I also tan very easily. So you can understand the dilemma. Do i stay at home and keep my complexion ( which isnt that much actually) or do I walk out all sweaty and get my work done?

Is 22°C too much to ask for? Will Limca work? Do they still make Limca!

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