I love me.

I am changing. I can feel it each day. No, I am not growing up. I am growing into myself. Getting used to myself rather. Every morning I know a little more about me and this makes me happy. Comfortable about who I am and what I like.

I dont go with fashion and fads anymore. I go with comfort. Peer pressure doesnt affect me. I know what i want and more importantly, who i want. There is no need to impress, to belong. I love my own company. I have my special few. The real comfort is that I have me.

That gives me strength. It makes me powerful.

My tastes are changing: in books, in the articles I read, in the music I listen to.

I love the twenties. Not because they have been easy. They havent, trust me. I have undergone the most stress in my twenties. The worst days and nights. Met some really terrible people and some really good. No, i dont love the twenties because they are going good. Twenties are like a roller coaster.

But the real reason i love the twenties is because it is in my twenties that i started loving me.

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