Between books

I am reading two books simultaneously. The palace of illusions and Neverwhere. I alternate between them. Both  are lovely, though I must say The Palace of Illusions is better.

I have always viewed Mahabharatha from the male perspective. But the entire story here is narrated by Draupadi.  And though I am centuries away from that period, I can identify with Draupadi. About being born into a male dominated soceity, about wanting to do things that her brother Dhri does, but not being allowed to because she is a lady and most of the attitude that prevalent today.

Till I read this book, I always had the impression that Kunti, mother of the Pandavas, was a very meek and loving day. The sickeningly sweet Indian “Nari”. But the book makes my belief that there is no such thing as the perfect Indian Nari even stronger. The author explains how Kunti conspires and plots to give her sons their birthright. And the mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law competition that I never knew existed between the two is brought to light here.

The book is powerful. Do read.

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